Jan 30, 2012

Mexico Politics: PAN official asks for investigation of possible links to the election in the transfer of 25 million pesos

The National Action Party (PAN), the party of President Calderón, chimes in on the Veracruz money case.

Milenio: "The secretary for Goverment Action of PAN (National Action Party), Juan Molinar asked for an investigation into possible links between the (presidential) election and the transfer of 25 million pesos from the government of Veracruz to the state of Mexico. The PAN spokesman said there must be a thorough and specific investigation regarding the resources of the Veracruz administration that were seized.

"When there are 25 million pesos in two suitcases in a capital that has a PRI government, coming from the capital of another PRI government, one has the right to think that maybe something should be investigated there," he said. However, he admitted that, so far, the National Action Party has no specific facts on which to make a formal complaint, and he requested that the audit unit of IFE (Independent Election Commission) make the appropriate investigation of the case." Spanish original

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