Feb 4, 2012

Border and Immigration: Couple rides bikes across entire US-Mexico border for immigration reform

You can learn more about Katy and Eric’s travels at http://borderbybicycle.blogspot.com/

ValleyCentral.com: "For five long and educational months a couple from New York and Minnesota have been on a quest to learn about border realities. ... They're biking and blogging every minute of their exploration. “Each part of the border has it's distinct reality,” said Eric Wright. “We knew that and we were interested in what was going on in each part of the border.” “And we felt an obligation to teach as we go,” said Katy Brandes.

After ... working as volunteers at a shelter for migrants in El Paso, Katy and Eric decided to explore the border. In September, they got on their bikes and started pedaling a little north of San Diego, California, final destination Boca Chica, Texas." read more

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