Feb 14, 2012

Drug Policy Debate: Mayor of Mexico City says: We must debate the legalization of drugs

The 'mayor,' (official title: 'head of government') of Mexico City--a leader of the leftist PRD party--Marcelo Ebrard, chimes in on the legalization debate re-ingnited this past week by the President of Guatemala.

Milenio: "The head of the Federal District government, Marcelo Ebrard, said that "we must put on the table" discussions on the legalization of marijuana, although it is the Congress who will make a decision. In an interview, Ebrard declared that "it is contradictory that we are following a policy that replicates that of the United States," since marijuana is legalized in 19 states. "Do we have to make ourselves equal to them?

"It's a decision the Congress will make, but what I want to emphasize is that on one hand we receive weapons from the U.S., and its drug market is very large, while on the other hand, their tendency is to legalize some drugs. We don't necessarily have to do the same, but it must be put on the table."

He insisted that one should not criminalize consumers because, according to the Federal Code, "consumption is not punishable; it says that you don't put consumers into prison or treat them as criminals, but rather retailers and those involved in buying and selling. Furthermore, we must review what the U.S. is doing."" Spanish original

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