Feb 5, 2012

Drug War and the Arts: Photo project focuses on 31,000 people who haven't lost hope amid violent drug war in Mexico

Here is a remarkable effort by two Mexican photographers to humanize what is happening in Mexico and engage their countrymen and women in making a statement for change. Their photos and videos may be viewed on their website: 31Kproject.com  And see other links to "Art Addresses the Issues" in this blog's left column.

austin360.com: "... instead of focusing on the deaths of 31,000 people, Diego Huerta and Daniela Gutiérrez (photographers from Monterrey, Mexico) embarked on an ambitious photo project that highlights the lives of 31,000 people across Mexico, as well as some in Austin, who hope for a more peaceful future.

... One year and thousands of photos later, "31K Portraits for Peace" has come to the Mexic-Arte Museum, featuring faces from across Mexican urban and rural landscapes. The exhibit, which runs through April 1, shows the breadth of lives lost but also captures a glimpse of the faith that many in Mexico still hold." read more

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