Feb 2, 2012

Drug War: United States gives Mexico $ 17 million for drug technology

La Jornada: "As part of the Merida Initiative, the U.S. government has given Mexico 17 million dollars in drug technology to implement the Technology Transfer Network for the Care of Addictions (Renadic). This was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Health (SSA ) during a presentation by the agency.

The objective is to link more than 400 sites attending to addictions at the national level and 32 state observatories on drugs. This will allow the electroninc registration of clinical cases, including those seen in 332 New Life Centers. It will also enable the monitioring of strategic information on drug use, such as knowing the population at risk and age of onset, as well as enable the communication of epidemiological reports.

During the presentation, the Under Secretary of State of the United States, Wendy Sherman, noted that the resources are part of the Merida Initiative, as both nations share a commitment and interest to put in place new programs to reduce drug use." Spanish original

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