Feb 20, 2012

Drug War vs. the Rule of Law: Gang war leads to death of prison inmates in Mexico

sydneymorningherald: "A riot in a northern Mexican prison left 44 people dead on Sunday, providing yet another sign of the violence and crowding overwhelming Latin American prisons... The authorities in Mexico's Nuevo Leon state said a confrontation among inmates in two cell blocks broke out about 2am on Sunday and lasted a few hours before the state and federal police could bring the prison, in Apodaca, under control.

Jorge Domene, a spokesman for the state government, said it appeared members of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, two of Mexico's most powerful criminal groups, started the fight as part of a power struggle, using sharp objects, stones and clubs. He said firearms were not used. ... Local news reports said the prison in Apodaca held 3000 inmates but was built for 1500." read more

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