Feb 9, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Federal Attorney General refuses to protect Norma Andrade and investigate the recent attack that she suffered

La Jornada: "The federal Attorney General's Office (PGR) refused to provide protection and to investigate the assassination attempt made against activist Norma Andrade outside her home in Coyoacan, Mexico City, last Friday, arguing that it is not within its jurisdiction.

The founder of the organization, Our Daughters Return Home, said she and her lawyers met yesterday for several hours with representatives of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes of Violence against Women and Trafficking (FEVIMTRA) of the PGR as well as representatives of the governments of the State of Chihuahua and Mexico City. She said that the only commitment that could be obtained from the federal authorities is to analyze the case and determine within 15 days if they responsibility to investigate the attack.

It is Ms. Andrade's belief that the government is minimizing the assault and wants to wash its hands of it by saying that the crime isn't under its jurisdiction, despite the attacks that have occurred against her in the past 11 years. "My life depends on the PGR and they cannot get away with saying they have no responsibility, and if they don't have it, it is not my fault. They can not distance themselves from being responsible."

In this regard, Ms. Andrade's lawyer, Ms. Karla Michel Salas, was concerned because the federal government refuses to accept the protection of the activist, although the National Commission on Human Rights issued precautionary measures in their favor that cannot be overruled by another investigation.

.... Norma Andrade said that, during the meeting, representatives of the Government of Mexico City pledged to maintain protection they have provided since last Friday which consists of four investigative police officers guarding her 24 hours a day, until the PGR makes a decision about whether or not it has jurisdiction or she decides to seek asylum abroad.

Ms. Andrade said that so far she has not decided as to which country she might emigrate. "If I could, I would stay in my city (Juarez), but I know that is unthinkable, so I'm looking at the full range of options and my lawyers are helping me obtain what is best for my family. My thought is to leave the country," she said, "although I have not presented that possibility to the federal government, which I would hope would help with implementation of the required bureaucratic procedures, but if I stay, I want them to guarantee the safety of my family."" read more

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