Feb 10, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Mexico Congress seeks to create position to audit federal police

La Jornada: "In order to meet one of the commitments made by Congress with the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, headed by poet Javier Sicilia, the coordinators of all political parties in the Senate yesterday presented an initiative to create a special auditor for the federal police, who will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the police forces.

Under the proposal, the auditor shall have power to receive complaints about behavior that violates human rights by members of the Federal Police (protective police under the Secretariat for Public Security) and Federal  Ministerial Police (investigative police under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General), and even participate in criminal investigations of members of the police departments who have committed crimes.

This has to do with moving toward democratic reform of the police through mechanisms of accountability and transparency, said PRI Senator Fernando Baeza, introducing the initiative that is signed by the coordinator of the PRI, PRD, PT, Motion Citizen and PVEM, and the PAN Senator Ricardo García Cervantes.

... The initiative to amend the Law on Investigation and Accountability of the Federal Government states that the special auditor for the federal police (AEPF) shall be appointed for one term of four years, shall have power to receive complaints about members of the police forces and may participate in investigations by the disciplinary bodies." Spanish original

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