Feb 11, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Normal School director in Nuevo Leon accuses students of being "Anonymous" terrorists for using internet to complain about the school

La Jornada: "The director of the Normal School Michael F.Martinez, (in the northern state of Nuevo Leon) Carla Adriana Tijerina, made criminal accusations against three students for being related to the hacker network Anonymous, which she described as "a global terrorist organization," arguing that Anonymous distributed a videotape in which it calls for an end to injustices on the campus .

Ivan Fernandez, president of the student organization, Jaziel Carmona and Mauricio Garcia appeared on January 9 before Gabriela Tamez, of the Centre for Orientation and Police Reports, the prototype of the new accusatory system, in which the state prosecutor agencies are combined.

Students said the problems began when the student organization opened an account on Facebook to serve as a forum and to organize sports, cultural and artistic activities. Tijerina was upset because students began to raise complaints, such as the disappearance or loss of payment records and lack of maintenance in the school. One student complained that because she is pregnant and unable to perform certain activities, the director scolded her, saying that "you should have thought before opening your legs."

Fernandez said they had to cancel the account, because the director threatened them, "For problems like this you can lose privileges." Anonymous took up the complaints, made a video and put it on the Internet, demanding an end to retaliation against the students." Spanish original

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