Feb 13, 2012

Human Rights Violations: What exactly are the “mistakes” of the Army?

Mexico Institute: "Last Thursday, at the commemoration of the 99th Anniversary of the Loyalty March (Marcha de la Lealtad), general Guillermo Galván, secretary of National Defense, admitted that the Army has committed "mistake" in the fight against organized crime, which began in the administration of Felipe Calderón.

In his declaration, however, he did not give any details on those "mistakes" that are, concretely: 33 civilians murdered, 225 tortured civilians, 20 victims of rape (17 women and three men), and three forced disappearances between December of 2006 and December of 2011. The latter information is contained in 82 archives from the National Commission on Human Rights. In addition, amongst these "mistakes" from the Army are those linked to the murder of five children, the torture of 10 children, the raping of two youngsters and sexual abuses against other two." Spanish original

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