Feb 11, 2012

Immigration Crackdown - Alabama: Changes coming to immigration law, lawmaker says

Changes coming to immigration law, lawmaker says | al.com: "Alabama Republicans should be ready to reveal their promised "tweaks" to the state's immigration law in the next week or two, State Rep. Jack Williams said today. Williams spoke at a conference sponsored by the Birmingham Area Consortium on Higher Education that looked at several aspects of the tough new law, from its political ramifications to how it's affecting municipalities, schools and health care.

... State Sen. Billy Beasley, D-Clayton, who opposed it from the start and has pre-filed an effort to have it repealed, said that the law is hurting the state's education, economy and reputation. "Sometimes if you realize you've made a mistake in your life, you have to have the courage to say I'm sorry and to rectify it," Beasley said .... "So I challenge the members of the Alabama Legislature to dig down deep in your conscience and do what's right for the state of Alabama"" read more

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