Feb 13, 2012

Immigration Crackdown: US Immigration's 'Culture of Cruelty' Stretches from Arizona to Massachusetts

Right on! Clearly describes the consruction of "illegality" that keeps in place our economic exploitation of Mexicans and other Latin Americans and our resulting benefiting from of their low-cost labor.

Huffington Post: "When U.S. citizens rail about "illegals" or ask "what part of 'illegal' don't you understand?" they are subscribing to a set of beliefs that justify cruel and inhumane treatment. What they themselves fail to understand is that "illegality" is not a scientific fact, but a social construction. If a society creates a legal structure that deems some of its members unworthy or "illegal," then illegality comes to be naturalized as an attribute of those who have been accorded that status.

The concept of illegality, the wall between the US and Mexico, the institutions and structures that reinforce the wall's meaning on the border itself ... are part of the system for justifying and enforcing inequality. So are the ideologies and laws that create walls of exclusions that enforce the status of illegality inside the fifty states." read more

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