Feb 2, 2012

Immigration Politics: Kansas prepares for clash of wills over future of its unauthorised immigrants

This should prove interesting--a battle in Kansas over immigration. 

guardian.co.uk: "A coalition of 20 of the most prominent businesses and trade groups in Kansas is seeking to introduce legislation that would help undocumented immigrant workers find jobs with the blessing of the federal government. ... the Kansas proposal would provide a safe and above-board route for illegal immigrants to obtain work.

The coalition is led by groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and various building and manufacturing firms, many of whom are traditionally conservative-leaning. The conviction of these groups is that a ready supply of Hispanic labour is critical to the continuing economic prosperity of the state's 3 million people, of whom around 45,000 are undocumented.

...The coalition's move sets up an almighty clash of wills in Kansas over the future of its immigration policy. .. the state legislature will debate two entirely conflicting approaches. The first is the proposal by the business coalition ... The second is an Arizona-style clampdown that would punish any business in Kansas that employs workers who are undocumented and penalise any individual or concern that "harbours" illegal immigrants.

The hardline option is being put before the assembly by the secretary of state of Kansas, Kris Kobach. A Republican politician and former law professor, Kobach is credited as having been the architect of many of the toughest new immigration laws, including those in Arizona and Alabama and a plethora of other states." read more

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