Feb 14, 2012

Immigration Realities: Illegal immigrants live on edge of society, fearing deportation

Another story from a series on the realities of the lives of undocumented immigrants; from the Janesville (Wisconsin) Gazette.

GazetteXtra: "Every year, migrants risk their lives to illegally cross the 2,100-mile border that separates Mexico and the United States, two neighboring nations that have one of the largest income gaps on Earth.

"I was lucky," said Ana, who lives in Rock County. "I've heard terrible stories about what can happen." More than a decade ago, Ana left behind her mother and nine siblings in Puebla, south of Mexico City, to join her husband in the United States. He had crossed the border illegally to work and had planned to return after two years. "It was hard to stay separated from each other," Ana recalled. "I told him that I can come and make money, too."" read more

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