Feb 8, 2012

Mexico Corruption: Inquiry Into Outsourcing Firm Stirs Mexican Political Circles

NYTimes.com: "Today, the Álvarez Puga brothers, Alejandro and Victor, sit atop a multimillion-dollar financial consulting firm, travel in private jets, own property in New York and boast of having clients around the world. ... the authorities here are investigating whether the Álvarez Puga brothers’ powerful firm, which provides administrative services and fiscal advice to a long list of widely recognized companies, set up an elaborate scheme to pocket tax payments and engage in other fraudulent practices.

The investigation, which has led to international warrants against the director of the firm and one of the Álvarez Puga brothers, has lifted a veil on the widespread tax evasion in the growing and increasingly powerful outsourcing industry here, as well as the deep, often questionable ties between business and politics." read more

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