Feb 3, 2012

Mexico Drug War, Corruption and Politics: Mexico Investigates Governor Trio in 'Politically Motivated' Corruption Probe

InSight Crime takes a closer look at the charges against three former governors of Tamaulipas and at the larger context of the power of Mexican state governors and their influence as middle men between national and local political levels.

InSight Crime: "A federal investigation into three former governors of a Mexican border state may be a sincere attempt to crack down on political links with organized crime, but has sparked accusations of politically motivated law-enforcement.

... While investigations into such high-profile officials are rare, the suspicions about Tamaulipas politicians being linked to criminal groups are not. The state government has long been accused of protecting the Gulf Cartel and fostering the rise of the Zetas over the past decade. In 2009, renowned journalist Carlos Loret de Mola said the state was “without a doubt” the most dangerous in Mexico in terms of “the social decomposition and the penetration of drug traffickers in all of the structures.”" read more

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