Feb 22, 2012

Mexico Presidential Race: Voter Indecision

Reforma/Sergio Aguayo: "The mood of citizens is far, far away from those experienced during the presidential elections from 1988 to 2006. While we have emergencies on several fronts, the elections, parties and candidates are seen by a large number of citizens as necessary evils that we have to tolerate and endure.

According to surveys by Reforma in January this year, 59% of voters are undecided. In March 2006, only 28% had doubts, and in 2000 that reduced to 20%. (Reforma, January 15, 2012, March 19 , 2006 and January 17, 2000). One of the main causes of the somber mood and discouragement is the discrediting of political parties. They have plunged into the cellar of the affection of citizens, followed closely by Congress, politicians and the police. For this and other reasons our tender democracy lives in a profound crisis.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Enrique Peña Nieto, Gabriel Quadri and Josefina Vazquez Mota have not been able to go beyond the boundaries imposed by their party faithful.

... I could devote many columns to beating up on the leftist parties. I am ashamed to see their lack of modesty and cynicism with which they  that will allow them to jump to the next position or control those budgets that used to keep on giving suck to their clientele.Where is the dispute about a great thesis to get to Mexico out of its crisis or to resolve the contradictions in its institutions? Where are their proposals to close the huge gap they have with society and with all those undecided voters who otherwise would have given them their vote?

The reality is harsh but better than confront, this year will be the parties that appoint, with their usual methods, the majority of those who occupy positions in the coming years will allow them to make public policy decisions in Congress, governorships and municipalities. Andres Manuel is the only person capable of unifying these mobs ambitious, but how solid is the commitment of the tribes with the reform agenda proposed by the candidate of the left?

A similar phenomenon is observed in the other parties. Peña Nieto and Vazquez Mota are months filled the mouth of "citizens" and swear they will listen to society, which offer the cornucopia of good governance. They were soon added Quadri. As the Left parties, believe that demonstrate the strength of their commitment by inviting leaders of civil organizations, intellectuals, businessmen, artists, and others. It is symbolic concessions that do not alter their way of doing politics, nor influence the way of doing politics. I ask, where is the logic of the party of teachers and the teacher to invite an environmentalist to compete for the presidency?

Perhaps none of the people who aspire to the Presidency achieves society excite or convince the undecided. Regardless of how many voters will President / subjected to rule / aa current standards.In 2000 Vicente Fox had a formidable social organization, the Friends of Fox were millions that were quickly and quietly disbanded because neither the PAN nor the President's inner circle wanted a share.

In 2012 it presented a relatively similar. If successful, Andres Manuel would have Morena, which could serve as a counterweight and balance to the party structures of the left. But that is for the future. At the moment 59% of undecided voters has confirmed the depth of the crisis in our democracy.

Rodrigo Peña González worked." Spanish original

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