Feb 24, 2012

NAFTA vs. Indigenous Mexicans: Hundreds of Mexico’s Huichol Indians trek to their sacred ground seeking to stop silver mine

AP/The Washington Post: "Huichol Indians believe the sun was born in a spot high in the arid Sierra de Catorce mountain range of northern Mexico. For them, that spot — the Cerro del Quemado, or the Burned Mountain — is the center of the universe, a sacred ground. It’s also part of a mining concession Mexico’s government granted to Canada-based First Majestic Silver Corp., and Huichols are fighting to block the project.

More than 600 Huichols wearing colorful clothes with cross-stitch patterns and hats decorated with feathers and beadwork recently made a pilgrimage to the Cerro del Quemado to ask their gods to guide them in keeping the $100 million mining project from starting this year." read more

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