Feb 21, 2012

Rule of Law and Human Rights: UN Human Rights Commissioner calls for investigation of Apodaca prison deaths and escape

Milenio: "The High Commissioner of United Nations Human Rights (OHCHR) today called on Mexico to make an exhaustive inquiry into the deaths of 44 inmates and the escape of 30 inmates from the prison of Apodaca. "Those responsible, including the prison authorities, ought to be brought to justice and all necessary steps taken to prevent the recurrence of such attacks," said agency spokesman, Ravina Shamdasani.

Last week an OHCHR report criticized the state of prisons in Latin America. .... OHCHR urged the Mexican government "to ensure that minimum standards are observed in the conditions of federal and state prisons, ensuring that the security and integrity of the detainees is respected. We also call upon the National Human Rights Commission to monitor prison conditions throughout Mexico," Shamdasani said." Spanish original

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