Feb 10, 2012

Rule of Law: Kidnappings affect the Mexican public's sense of security more than homicides

CNN Mexico: "The state prosecutors should prioritize research and devote more resources to crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and theft, since they have the greatest impact on the perceived safety of Mexicans, says the crime index report of the Center for Research for Development (CIDAC).

Of the 33 crimes in the catalog of common crimes, only eight have a direct impact on the public's feeling of safety and therefore should be considered high priority, according to the CIDAC. These crimes are kidnapping, killings related to organized crime, knifings, extortion, and robbery of pedestrians and of vehicles with or without violence, as listed by the independent research center, which is dedicated to studying and developing proposals to strengthen the rule of law.

"The impact caused the kidnapping in society is such that an increase of 10 kidnappings per 100,000 people increased the perception of insecurity in Mexico by almost 5%. To increase the perception of insecurity to the same percentage for the crime of extortion requires a gain of 73 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants," acording to the report, The 8 Primary CrimesCIDAC crime Index." Spanish original

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