Feb 21, 2012

Rule of Law: Mexico Judicial Police seek to improve their image

Milenio: "The Federal Judicial Police are seeking to renew their image with the launching of a new policing model.

After the dismissal of more than 700 police, nearly 20 percent of its staff, the agency now seeks to improve the expertise of nearly 4,000 agents that work in this division of the PGR (federal Attorney General's office), said the Commissioner of the federal ministerial (judicial or investigative) police, Vidal Díaz Leal Ochoa.

In addition to the purging of staff, there is now a program for national rotation of staff and a strategic model for the evaluation of institutional management that measures the efficiency of each police agent.

Diaz Leal also announced that its officers will be trained by U.S. agents in May as part of the package of support included in the Merida Initiative." Spanish original

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