Mar 8, 2012

Drug Policy Debate: It’s time to end the war on drugs

On Tuesday March 13th, "It's Time to end the War on Drugs", is being hosted by Google+ and the world's largest debating forum Intelligence². An eclectic mix of celebrities, public figures and politicians will be speaking either for or against the title motion. Among them are Sir Richard Branson, Russell Brand, Julian Assange, author Misha Glenny, former president of Mexico Vincente Fox, Peter Hitchens, and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, and former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair.

Intelligence Squared: "To liberalise or prohibit, that is the question. And to answer it the masters of live debate have joined forces with the masters of web technology to create a never-seen-before combination of Oxford debating and Silicon Valley prowess.

Prohibitionists argue that legalising anything increases its consumption. The world has enough of a problem with legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco, so why add to the problem by legalising cannabis, cocaine and heroin?

The liberalisers say prohibition doesn’t work. By declaring certain drugs illegal we haven’t reduced consumption or solved any problem. Instead we’ve created an epidemic of crime, illness, failed states and money laundering.

Julian Assange and Richard Branson; Russell Brand and Misha Glenny; Geoffrey Robertson and Eliot Spitzer. Experts, orators and celebrities who’ve made this their cause – come and see them lock horns in a new Intelligence²/Google+ debate format. Some of our speakers will be on stage in London, others beamed in from Mexico City or São Paulo or New Orleans, all thanks to the “Hangout” tool on Google+." learn more

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