Mar 9, 2012

Drug War and the Rule of Law: Death threats made against journalists in Tijuana

La Jornada: "Journalists of the news portal Ten4, based in Tijuana, received death threats for their work. In a dozen written messagess, they were insulted for their "f...king reports of sh.t." The threats, signed with the pseudonym Uncle John, were issued on March 6. The next day reporters filed a  criminal complaint regarding the threats. One of them asked, "And then we'll wake up in bags, cut into quarters?"

This is the fourth assault perpetrated against journalists in the state in three weeks: on 23 February, persons riding in a van intercepted a correspondent of La Jornada in Tijuana, beating and intimidating him. Also in February, the team of the weekly newpaper, 'Zeta' was threatened with death by the Arellano Felix cartel, and last Wednesday, the director of the Image Group in Mexicali, Eduardo Pesqueira, was the victim of an act of intimidation." Spanish original

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