Mar 17, 2012

Human Rights Abuses: Alleged murderers of Agnes Torres are presented; her boyfriend is a fugitive

Milenio: "The reason that five young men, including her boyfriend, who is a fugitive from justice, killed Agnes Torres Hernandez, 28 year old political activist for transsexual and transgender rights, was the theft of her car, a Volkswagen Golf, the Attorney General of Puebla said, while he did not discard that it was a hate crime.

This morning at a press conference, Secretary General of Government, Fernando Manzanilla Prieto and Attorney General of Justice, Victor Carrancá Bourget, presented three of the five suspects in the murder of political and sexual activist. This is because one is a minor and one is a fugitive from justice.

... Two of the suspects, knowing they were wanted by the police, fled to Merida, Yucatan. So far, only one of them was arrested, while his accomplice is still at large.

... Representatives of the Lesbian, Gay Transsexual and Bisexual Community said that they were satisfied with the clarification of the crime. However, they noted that some other crimes perpetrated against members of this community since 2005 are still to be clarified.

Finally, the Attorney General said investigators are still gathering information, so that the four detainees, including a minor, will continue to be held while the evidence is being strengthened." Spanish original

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