Mar 17, 2012

Human Rights Abuses: Five people arrested for murder of Agnes Torres

CNN Mexico: "Five people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder of transgender activist, Agnes Torres Hernandez, according to a statement issued Friday by authorities in Puebla. The body of Agnes, an activist for the rights of transsexual people, was found March 10 in a ravine in the town of Atlixco. She was 28.

Among those arrested on Friday was a partner whose name was not disclosed. According to the statement of the Directorate General for Attention to High Impact Crimes and the state police, the suspects, who spoke with her ​​before her disappearance, will be presented Saturday at the media.

"The main line of research suggests that (Agnes) attend a gathering with various people, including her partner." Authorities also said they found Agnes' burned car in Atlixco.

The murder provoked outrage and condemnation from various organizations. On Monday, about 2,000 people gathered in the center of the city of Puebla to demand justice in the case, following a call through social networks.

"We demand that this is classified as a hate crime. We believe that if it is not criminalized, such conduct will continue, with unfortunate and biased statements being made by the authorities, who qualify any killing of a sexual dissident as crimes of passion, even when the victims are killed with great fury and extreme violence,"  Onan Vazquez Chavez, president of Full Life of Puebla, said at the demonstration.

Agnes Torres sought approval of legislation to give legal status to transgendered people, in order to be able to modify official documents to agree with their sexual identity and to obtain fair employment and social opportunities. " Spanish original

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