Mar 15, 2012

Human Rights and Rule of Law: Mexico's "enforced" disappearances shielded by impunity, United Nations says

Houston Chronicle: "Shielded by a chronic pattern of impunity, Mexican soldiers, police and other authorities have carried out or failed to properly investigate thousands of "enforced disappearances" of Mexican citizens during the past five years of gangland violence, according to a United Nations commission.

While many such disappearances have been the work of gangsters, "not all the disappeared people have been kidnapped by members of organized crime acting alone," commission member Ariel Dulitzky, a University of Texas law professor, told Mexican officials Wednesday in a video conference from U.N. offices in Geneva.

"The participation of (government forces) in forced disappearances is also present," Dulitzky said. "Impunity affects all cases of forced disappearances." read more

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