Mar 16, 2012

Human Rights/Rule of Law: Oaxaca activist killed in ambush

La Jornada: The Attorney General of Oaxaca confirmed the death of Bernardo Vázquez Sánchez in Santa Lucía Ocotlán, through which he was traveling with relatives, who were injured.

Oaxaca: The main opponent of the operation of a silver mine in the indigenous community of San José del Progreso and the leader of the United Peoples Coordinator in the Ocotlán Valley, Bernardo Vázquez Sánchez, was killed in an ambush in Santa Lucía Ocotlán, confirmed the Attorney General of Oaxaca (PGJO).

The agency reported the attack was perpetrated on a stretch of road leading to Santa Lucía Ocatlán.

It is presumed that the unknown assailants fired their high-caliber weapons at the compact car the victim was riding in with his relatives, who were also injured, from a distance.

Just this past January 19, Vázquez Sánchez harshly accused the government of Gabino Cué of being incapable of resolving the conflict that prevails in San José del Progreso and attending to the interests of the Cuzcatlán mining company. During a press conference he gave at the time, he said the mayor of San José del Progreso, Mauro Alberto Sánchez, was the one who ordered a shooting a few days earlier during the municipal police’s crackdown on protesters of the laying down of a pipeline to bring water to the factory, leaving two people injured.

Several human rights organizations issued a statement condemning the attack and demanding that the state authorities punish those responsible. They also urged a halt to the operation of the plant, which has caused the widespread violence and left five people dead. Spanish translation

Translation: Michael Kane, Center for International Policy intern

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