Mar 7, 2012

Mexico Corruption: Mexico Senate agrees to create anti-corruption prosecutors

Milenio: "Senate committees approved constitutional amendments to create a prosecutor against corruption, which would be a new, independent body with powers to build criminal cases against those who commit criminal offenses of corruption, whether public officials or private individuals.

At a meeting of the committees on constitutional issues and legislative studies, senators stressed that corruption is fostering situations of organized crime in the country, so this newly created body willl close the spaces used by both private persons and civil officials to harm the public treasury.

In an interview, the author of the initiative, PAN senator Ricardo Garcia Cervantes, said that ... this office will have investigative powers and can initiate legal proceedings against federal, state and municipal authorities, as well as private individuals, undertaking investigations that can lead to criminal penalties and that outcomes will no longer remain at the level of administrative sanctions.

He reiterated that the Civil Service Secretariat today delivers complaints to the Attorney General and the penalties are of an administrative nature, but this office will conduct investigations that will result in criminal penalties...." Spanish original

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