Mar 22, 2012

Mexico Prisons: Drugs, Alcohol, and Knives found in Tabasco Prison

El Excelsior: "The Federal Police performed an unannounced search through the facilities of a Tabasco (Creset) Prison which uncovered cell phones, alcohol, drugs, and even sharp weapons.

The surprise search at the State Center for Social Rehabilitation took place yesterday afternoon, where federal agents also subdued an attempted mutiny.

The operation passed largely without incident, although a mutiny attempted by a group of prisoners was reported. Police sources claimed, however, that the uprising was controlled without problems or injuries.

Since sunrise, the perimeter of the penitentiary’s grounds have been cordoned off by more than 150 officers of various police agencies. Access to the prison by visitors and attorneys has also been restricted.

After finishing the search, the authorities reported that they had seized 400 grams of marijuana, 200 grams of cocaine, three cell phones, eight sharpened weapons, several liters of tepache (ed. note: a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink), as well as clothes and shoes from the inmates." Spanish original 

Translation: Mikael Rojas, Americas Program 

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