Mar 5, 2012

U.S.-Mexico Relations: Biden agrees not to intervene in the electoral process: AMLO

Milenio: "Mexico City • After an hour-long meeting with Joseph Biden, the candidate of the left, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said that the vice president of the United States pledged not to intervene in the electoral process and to accept the results next July 1.

"It was important for him to express the commitment not to intervene in the process, it was important what he told me, that the U.S. will respect the will of Mexico and reach agreement with whomever is president," said the presidential candidate of the left.

Lopez Obrador said that there ought to be a new relationship of respect and mutual support between the two countries because they are neighboring countries which share three thousand miles of border, making it necessary to strive to have a good understanding.

Obrador handed over a document which presented more of his policies on various topics such as energy, security, education, etc.. Although, because of the time, he could not delve into all the issues, Andrés Manuel explained that the country's economic growth for employment has to be attained so that there is employment and that the violence in Mexico is provoked by corruption." Spanish original

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