Mar 21, 2012

Rule of Law: Calderon urges approval of security laws

El Milenio- President Felipe Calderon urged legislators to “evaluate, discuss, and pass laws that strengthen the rule of law” and claimed that “it’s time for the profound transformations that we need and that the citizens are calling for.”

While commemorating the 206th birthday of Benito Juarez Garcia, the head of the Executive branch commented on bills that are still pending approval—such as the Unified Police Command Law and the Law Against Money Laundering.

The first of these initiatives would “permit the reduction of the number of police agencies from more than 2,000 to 32 more trustworthy, strong, and effective agencies.” The second “is indispensable for dismantling the financial capacity of organized crime.”

During the speech on the Mariano Patio of the Palacio Nacional, the president reminded the audience that Juarez “persisted in the construction of a country of laws and justice” Spanish original

Translation: Mikael Rojas

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