Mar 13, 2012

Rule of Law: Five Government Officials Indicted in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero Students Case

Those arrested are accused of altering the scene where two students from the Rural Normal school died on December 12th, 2011. 

El Milenio: A federal judge has ordered the arrest of an assistant District Attorney (PGJ), a former director of Preliminary Investigations, a regional District Attorney, and two agents of the District Attorney’s Office who were all presumably implicated in irregularities committed during the removal of a student blockade of a highway. The students were from the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa.

The list of government officials from the PGJ implicated in the indictment by the First Judicial District, based in Chilpancingo, is being prosecuted by the Assistant Attorney General of Human Rights, Cesar de los Santos Mendoza.

The accused are the ex-Director of Preliminary Investigations, Jose Veles Zapata, the Regional Attorney General, María Severiana Peña Flores, and two agents of the District Attorney’s Office, Gloria Rocío Méndez Cruz and Magdalena de Jesús Cruz.

They are accused of altering the scene where two students were shot and killed in the middle of the day in Ayotzinapa, of allowing 23 students who were blocking the Mexico City-Acapulco federal highway to escape, and of manipulating evidence related to the events.

Last night, El Milenio was able establish brief communication with the case’s prosecutor, Cesar de los Santos Mendoza, who said that he was in a work meeting and would return the call later.

It was confirmed that a several days ago De los Santos Mendoza filed for an amparo (a legal protection) in order to address the investigation that the Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has initiated against him.

Other members of the PGJ implicated in the case have done the same. This morning the ex-Attorney General Alberto Lopez Rosas posted a comment on his Facebook account in which he thanked sympathizers for their displays of support.

This written quote appears on the Facebook wall of the ex-Guerrero District Attorney:

“I am convinced that the truth always comes out and that in the public life, history absolves or condemns more than the legal and justice system. I will always leave the judgment of my conduct and my way of being to society, because, rest assured, time is like the river’s water, by its strength, everything will be clear.” Spanish original 

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