Mar 17, 2012

Rule of Law: Mexico Civil Service to develop code of conduct for public servants

La Jornada: "To combat corruption, arbitrariness and impunity of public officials in the nine remaining months of the administration of Felipe Calderón, the Mexico Secretariat Civil Service (Secretariat of Public Function-SPF) issued general guidelines for the establishment of ethics committees in more than 250 federal government units.

Called the "General Guidelines for the establishment of permanent actions to ensure the integrity and ethical behavior of public servants in performing their jobs," it instructs the agencies of the federal government and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) to develop a draft code of conduct to guide the actions of public servants.

As outlined, the ethics process will include an ethics committee, which will provide consultation and expert advice. The powers of the committee include making recommendations in case of breaches of the code. It will issue impartial, non-binding rulings to the public servant and his superior." Spanish original

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