Mar 23, 2012

Week's Top Articles about Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Mar. 16-22, 2012

Human Rights and Rule of Law News in Mexico was highlighted by speculation that Felipe Calderon will flee the country at the end of his presidency. Facing a war crimes law suit in the International Criminal Court and fears that he will be targeted by vengeful drug cartels, reports claim that that he may be seeking asylum abroad after his term ends

Some LGBT members in Mexico believe that attacks against that community may be increasing as a result of Pope Benedict's upcoming visit to the country. The investigation into transgender activist Agnes Torres' death continues as five have been arrested. The case has also drawn condemnation from the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights. 

While a wave of attacks against the LGBT community has struck the country in recent weeks, other activists and civil society members have also come under fire. An opponent of a silver mine in Oaxaca was ambushed and assassinated on his way home in Santa Lucía Ocotlán. Journalists in the northern state of Tamaulipas were also sent a stern message after a car bomb exploded in the parking lot of El Expreso.    


Hague Court analyzing lawsuit against Calderon
Animal Politico: "Contrary to what predicted by President Calderon, the International Criminal Court (ICC) did not dismiss the claim that a group of 23 thousand Mexicans placed against him for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. read more

Calderon may plan to flee Mexico when his term ends  
Proceso: "President Felipe Calderon may fear being killed when his term ends and may plan to flee Mexico, Dolia Estevez, a correspondent for U.S. news MVS, revealed. read more

Papal visit increases attacks against the LGBT community
La Jornada: The recent attacks against members of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community come two years after this group received the right to marry members of the same sex, but above all, these acts are occurring in the context of the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico. Jaime Lopez Vela, coordinator of Agenda LGBT, warned that the visit has led to an increase in the climate of homophobia in the country. read more

InterAmerican Commission condemns murder of activist Agnes Torres 
Proceso: "The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has condemned the murder of transgender activist, Agnes Torres Sulca, whose body bore signs of torture when it was discovered on Saturday, March 10 in a ravine in Puebla. read more

Five people arrested for murder of Agnes Torres
CNN Mexico: "Five people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder of transgender activist, Agnes Torres Hernandez, according to a statement issued Friday by authorities in Puebla. The body of Agnes, an activist for the rights of transsexual people, was found March 10 in a ravine in the town of Atlixco. She was 28. read more

Alleged murderers of Agnes Torres are presented; her boyfriend is a fugitive 
Milenio: "The reason that five young men, including her boyfriend, who is a fugitive from justice, killed Agnes Torres Hernandez, 28 year old political activist for transsexual and transgender rights, was the theft of her car, a Volkswagen Golf, the Attorney General of Puebla said, while he did not discard that it was a hate crime. read more

Oaxaca activist killed in ambush
La Jornada: The main opponent of the operation of a silver mine in the indigenous community of San José del Progreso and the leader of the United Peoples Coordinator in the Ocotlán Valley, Bernardo Vázquez Sánchez, was killed in an ambush in Santa Lucía Ocotlán, confirmed the Attorney General of Oaxaca (PGJO). read more

Car bomb explodes in parking lot of Tamaulipas newspaper
La Jornada: "A car bomb exploded in the parking lot of the newspaper El Expreso, in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the state of Tamaulipas, in northeast Mexico, damaging six vehicles of workers at the newspaper. No injuries were reported. According to military sources in the capital of Tamaulipas, the explosion occurred around 8:15 PM on Monday," read more

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