Apr 6, 2012

Commentary: NRA could help stop Mexico's gun violence

Kansas City Star: "When we talk about the violence that has left nearly 50,000 dead in Mexico over the past five years, we usually focus on Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, or the Juárez cartel, but it may be time to include the U.S. National Rifle Association cartel.

Granted, the 4.3 million-member NRA — the most powerful pro-gun rights lobbying group in Washington — is not in the drug trafficking business.

But judging from what Mexican President Felipe Calderón said earlier this week during a joint news conference with President Barack Obama in Washington, and from what U.S. gun control groups state, the NRA and other U.S. gun owners’ rights organizations have a huge tacit responsibility in the bloodshed that is taking place in Mexico." read more

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