Apr 13, 2012

Forced North by Mexican Drug Wars, but United in Exile

NYTimes: "Juan Fraire Escobedo’s mother was gunned down in 2010 while protesting outside the state government offices in Chihuahua, Mexico, two years after his teenage sister was killed in Ciudad Juárez. Saul Reyes Salazar, a former city secretary in the nearby town of Guadalupe, buried six members of his activist family in three years. His nephew Jorge Luis Reyes, who was orphaned by the time he was 19, takes comfort in knowing where his mother is buried so he can leave flowers at her grave — if he ever steps foot in his native Mexico again."

“The Mexican government paints a picture that everyone dying in Mexico is because they’re related to the cartels,” Mr. Fraire said of the murders stemming from the government’s battle against drug trafficking. “That’s a lie.” read more

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