Apr 6, 2012

The Merida Initiative: Expanding the US-Mexico Partnership

The US Department of State recently published a document summarizing Merida Initiative efforts since 2008, claiming that "Based on principles of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and respect for sovereign independence, the two countries’ efforts have built confidence that is transforming the bilateral relationship."

The document lists the four "pillars" of the project as:
1. Disrupting Organized Criminal Groups
2. Strengthening Institutions
3. Building a 21st Century Border
4. Building Strong and Resilient Communities

One of the Merida Initiative's more recent project is a 30-month Crime & Violence Prevention project that aims to "strengthen Mexico’s capacity to develop and communicate crime prevention policy at the federal, state, and community level." The document claims that the project will "Support to localities will assist with the design and implementation of crime prevention plans, urban and social planning, and community policing." See original 

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