May 4, 2012

Mexico's leftist tries to overcome past mistakes

Fox News: For a man whose anger and inflexibility may have cost him his dreams of the presidency, leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is surprisingly calm and friendly on the campaign trail.

In his second presidential bid, the white-haired shopkeeper's son beloved by many poor Mexicans rides the subway, waits in airports for economy flights, patiently poses for pictures with supporters and even lobs verbal roses at Mexico's business community in what he has dubbed his "Republic of Love" campaign.

It is a far cry from the fiery orator who during his 2006 presidential run told then-President Vicente Fox to "shut up, chachalaca (noisy bird)" and said "let the devil take your (political) institutions." Adding to his problems that year, he decided to skip one of the only two candidates' debates and bitterly accused Mexico's corporations, television stations and newspapers of conspiring against him. read more

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