May 9, 2012

Navy frees 18 migrants in Piedras Negras

El Milenio Americas Program Original Translation

The Navy released 18 Central American migrants detained by Los Zetas in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Their operation took place last Saturday and two members of the criminal group were arrested.

The statement released by the federal agency does not specify the origin of the immigrants, although it was reported that they are of different nationalities.

The two arrested were identified as Antonio Camacho Soria o Manuel Solís Tlapanco and Martín Molina Vázquez, both members of Los Zetas, who testified to authorities that they detained migrants.

The Secretary of the Mexican Navy received information regarding the imprisonment of the Central Americans, so it launched a rescue operation that ended successfully last weekend.

The detainees reported that 18 undocumented people had been detained in a building in Piedras Negras, to which a unit of the federal agency was directed.

Once rescued, the 18 people were delivered by the Marines to the Attorney General’s Office in Piedras Negras.

At the time of the raid, those arrested were in possession of three guns, 148 rounds of ammo, and eight cartridges, in addition to 150 doses of white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine and green plants, appearing to be mariijuana.

Similarly, the Navy seized $45,000USD and 14,000 Mexican pesos, as well as communications equipment and two cars. See Spanish original

Translation by Michael Kane, Americas Program

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