May 2, 2012

Sinaloa Gunbattles Could Signal Shift in Cartel Turf Wars

InSight Crime: "The deaths of at least a dozen people in clashes in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, as rival groups linked to the Zetas move into "Chapo Guzman's" home territory, may be evidence that the concept of the "plaza" dominated by a single group is losing its force.

According to the Sinaloa newspaper Riodoce, the fighting started when an army patrol was ambushed on Saturday afternoon. After receiving reports of a gunfight in a rural community in the municipality of Choix, in the remote Chihuahua-Sinaloa border region, an army patrol, supported by local police, went to investigate and was attacked. They called for backup, and a helicopter which arrived on the scene also came under fire. The initial outburst of violence was followed by further fighting in an adjacent community, resulting in the deaths of several more alleged criminals. read more

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