May 11, 2012

Two women in Sonora executed

El Proceso: Organized crime took the lives of six people in Sonora and Mexico City on Thursday, including two women.

In the first attack, five people were killed by gunfire in the towns of Nogales and Navojoa, according to the spokesman for the State Attorney General, José Larrinaga Talamante.

According to the state official, in Nogales, two women and one man were gunned down in front of the Ittcano factory, while a toddler was injured by bullet fragments.

He said the attack had taken place the day before, around 7:00pm, when the victims were travelling north in a gray Dodge pickup truck with Sonoma license plates on Avenida Libre Comercio. A silver Dodge Caravan passed, from which a group of gunmen shot repeatedly.

The individuals fled and abandoned their vehicle on Calle Nueva Irlanda, where they allegedly got into another car.

In southern Navojoa, brothers Héctor and José Gregorio “N” were shot to death. The former, 50, was found dead inside his Chevrolet Traverse, in the Centro neighborhood, with two gunshot wounds to the face and left temple.

The other victim, José Gergorio, 46, was found on Calle Pesqueira y Amado Nervo, lying in the street with several gunshot wounds.

The attorney general’s office reported that the state investigators found several 7.62mm rounds spread over 10 meters at the lcoation.

Moreover, in the Mexican capital, a man around the age of 30, who was found this morning in the Popular Ermita Zaragoza, Iztapalapa neighborhood, died after being shot in the head.

According to the Ministry of Public Security in the Federal District (SSPDF), the events occured near the Santa Martha Metro station, between Generalísimo Morelos and Retorno de Niño Artillero streets.

According to the department’s report, whose officials travelled through said streets warning city authorities, the site was inspected and the presence of an as-of-yet-unidentified man’s body, dead from a gunshot to the head, in the street was confirmed.

Experts arrived to the location to examine the body, while the Iztapalapa 6 Public Ministry of Territorial Coordination began a preliminary investigation.

In Torreón, Coahuila, two municipal police officers were injured by suspects while in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart Oriente supermarket.

The Laguna 1 Delegation of the Attorney General’s Office said the attack occurred at 2:20pm. A Code Red was immediately activated and military and police mounted an operation to search for the assailants.

Officials from the Municipal Public Security Bureau were transferred to a hospital in eastern Torreón. Their conditions have not yet been reported. read more

Michael Kane, Americas Program

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