Jun 20, 2012

As Vazquez Mota falls, a call for Mexicans to vote tactically for Lopez Obrador

El Proceso: Americas Program Original Translation

MEXICO CITY - In a public announcement this Wednesday, writers, academics, researchers, and artists called on the electorate to vote tactically for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate of the Progressive Movement Coalition.

“In light of Josefina Vázquez Mota’s fall in the polls and in the risk of restoring the authoritarianism that Enrique Peña Nieto represents, we who give this pronouncement, Mexicans coming from various professional backgrounds, of diverse ideologies and with different political backgrounds, call on citizens to vote for Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“We are convinced that he would be an honest, consistent, and effective president of the Republic, who would lead the country on the path toward peace and comprehensive, equitable, just, and sustainable development that we have been working for. In particular, we can be confident and certain of the profile, background, and proposals of his formed cabinet.

“This call to vote for Andrés Manuel López Obrador that we are making today does not necessarily make us part of his movement, nor does it exempt us from the responsibility that we have as citizens to maintain constructive criticism of the government, as we encourage moving toward the true consolidation of our democracy.

“The time of tactical voting has arrived. Let us gather behind democratic change, let us give peace a chance,” reads the publication.

Signing the announcement: Juan Villoro, Humberto Musacchio, Rafael Reygadas, Alberto Azis, Lorenzo Meyer, Jesús Robles Maloof, César Cansino, Demián Alcázar, Ernesto Villanueva, Florence Toussaint, Sergio Sarmiento, Federico Campbell, Axel Driksson and Inti Muñoz, among others.

See Spanish original.
Translation by Ryan Gentzler, Americas Program

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