Jun 19, 2012

Calderón asks G-20 to extend vision beyond borders

La Jornada: Americas Program Original Translation

What one nation currently does affects and impacts the rest, said the Mexican president, who called for a long-term agreement to prevent future crises from occurring.

Jose Antonio Roman.

Los Cabos, BCS. Upon the opening of the first plenary session of the G-20 Summit, President Felipe Calderón called on all present leaders to look beyond the borders of their countries, to reach agreements and to look out for the good of humanity.

Calderón stressed that in the world we live in today what one country does affects and impacts the rest. He insisted that not only should one solve current problems, but also reach truly comprehensive and well-monitored long-term agreements in order to prevent new crises.

Before the leaders of the G-20, the Mexican president acknowledged that the world faces a "grave economic crisis", which requires them to make a major effort to restore economic stability and create the jobs demanded by citizens in each of their nations.

In his close to 12 minute speech, Calderón emphasized that the leaders gathered there that day had an enormous responsibility and that the world’s eyes were upon them. “We represent,” he said, “more than 80 percent of world trade and, if you include all of the European Union, we represent 90 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in addition to two-thirds of the world’s population.”

Calderón said the solution to the current economic crisis requires strengthening the international financial institutions to prevent future crises. 

"We can aspire," he added, "to build a consensus to increase the International Monetary Fund (IMF) response capability, strengthen financial regulation, consolidate forces for regulation and supervision, and also expand banking services to a greater number of people in the world.

He stressed the need to make agreements that design and implement long-term and truly comprehensive measures for the recovery of the economy and the creation of justice.

Calderón said that this meeting was not intended to ignore the current situation in Europe.

“We trust in all of you and your great ability to make agreements and to make a stronger united and integrated Europe. The world must know that the towns and governments of this continent are building the new Europe of the new century.” 

Nevertheless, President Calderón asked the attendees to adopt specific measures to strengthen institutions, not only on this occasion, but for the long-term.

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Translation by Sarah Brady, Americas Program

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