Jun 27, 2012

Casting ballots on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border

Of the 45,000 Mexicans registered to vote from the United States for the Mexican presidential elections, a small percentage of the estimated 11 million, several share their concerns for both Mexico's future and for their own presence and that of illegal immigrants in the United States. 

CNN: Carlos Coria-Sanchez remembers the frantic phone calls and the fear in his family members' voices. His nephew had been kidnapped just outside Mexico City. Men wearing police uniforms held him hostage, robbed him and released him five hours later.

Coria-Sanchez also remembers the looks on the faces of dozens of children -- his own included -- as they waited outside a North Carolina courtroom while a judge weighed whether to deport their soccer coach.

These distinct moments in the 52-year-old professor's life have little to do with campaign signs or exit polls. But they are fresh in his mind as he prepares to cast ballots in two elections. Read more

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