Jun 28, 2012

Mexico City different from rest of country

News sources this week have been commenting on how different the politics are between Mexico City, which is markedly more leftist, more socially liberal, than the rest of the country. In Mexico City, the PRD party has been successful since mayoral elections were made possible in 1997 and Miguel Angel Mancera leads significantly in polls for the election on July 1st, the date coinciding with the presidential election.

Fading political left still thrives in Mexico City:
Associated Press: MEXICO CITY – When it comes to the presidency, Mexico's voters are fed up and ready to throw the ruling the party out. But in the nation's capital, the progressive island known as Mexico City, they're about to hand the leftist political party that has ruled since 1997 an election-day valentine. Read more

Mexico election diary: The growing metropolitan divide
The Economist: WITH election day looming, it looks as if the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is likely to win the presidency by a fairly wide margin. But a different party is expected to win an even more crushing victory in Mexico City. Miguel Ángel Mancera, the mayoral candidate of the left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), is predicted by most polls to win about two-thirds of the vote, an extraordinary share in a four-horse race. Read more.

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