Jun 20, 2012

Mexico election diary: State-level pickups for the PRI

The Economist: ALL eyes are on Mexico’s presidential battle. But when voters go to the polls on July 1st they will elect 2,127 people to political office, from federal congressmen to local mayors. Among the most important are six governors, or seven if you include the head of the capital’s Federal District, whom we tend to describe as the mayor of Mexico City but who effectively has the powers of a governor.

Four of the seven contests look likely to result in no change of party control. The Federal District is all but certain to pass to Miguel Ángel Mancera, who was the attorney general under the current administration of Marcelo Ebrard. Alhough polls were looking a little uncertain last year, Mr Mancera now enjoys a huge lead according to most surveys, which suggest he could win about two-thirds of the vote. A win for Mr Mancera would mean another term for the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which has held the capital since elections to the post were introduced in 1997. Read more.

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