Jun 28, 2012

Mexico’s middle class, a key group in presidential elections that old guard is poised to win

While the middle class once voted against the PRI, their dissatisfaction with the PAN party of the last 12 years and the economy and insecurity, has changed their political stance. To take another class perspective, USA Today in "Leftist candidate gains among Mexico's well-off" shares the perspective of the upper class and their support behind Obrador to end corruption and create better transparency. Read more of this story here

AP: NAUCALPAN, Mexico — Middle class voters like Gerardo Olivo helped drive Mexico’s ruling party from power 12 years ago, ending its seven decades of rule.

Now the same voters seem ready to bring back the party everyone knows as the PRI.

Olivo, a 33-year-old financial trader, said he voted for the now-governing National Action Party in the past two presidential elections, hoping it would transform Mexico. He’s fed up now, though. “My position today is to go back to the PRI” he said. “I already tried the other party because it had promised change, but now I realize there was no change, or the changes were already there.” Read more.

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