Jun 25, 2012

More than 600 organizations will take to the streets if the popular vote is ignored

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Elections 2012: - Letter sent to authorities calls for no fraudulent practices. Warns that this may be the last chance by voting to make changes.

Fernando Camacho Servín.
More than 600 civil organizations and citizens, on their own accord, warned yesterday in a declaration that if in the presidential elections on the first of July there are traces of fraud, they will act to prevent any attempt to violate the people's will, as it may be the last opportunity to make changes through the vote.

The letter – signed by important figures such as the bishop of Saltillo, Raúl Vera, Pablo González Casanova, Javier Sicilia, Miguel Concha Malo, Rosario Ibarra de Piedra and Enrique Semo, among others – is directed to authorities from the three levels of government and indicates that the country faces a state of emergency and national disaster due to the imposition of a parasitic and stagnant economy.

With the backing of religious, migrant, farming, and ecological organizations and trade unions, and in defense of human rights, the document referred to the situation that has worsened by the war the federal government unleashed, not to combat organized crime, but to protect business monopolies' interests, which has provoked a humanitarian catastrophe.

In this scenario, the elections represent the possibility of institutional change, but the success of the process depends on the legal authorities good measurement and the powers that be to respect the popular will, otherwise this may be the last opportunity to keep valid the electoral route as a means for the government to reach a peaceful social climate.

In the letter, the signers underscored that in the country’s recent history various examples of fraud and imposition have occurred, such as the presidential elections of 1988 and 2006, and damaging practices continue occurring, such as using money from organized crime, exceeding campaign limits, buying votes, incapacity and inefficiency of the electoral apparatus, propaganda use of surveys and also intimidation and death.

The letter celebrates the appearance of the student and youth movement #YoSoy132, and has put into contention the television monopoly's grave decision to impose their chosen candidate as the president of the Republic to safeguard the privileges of the few that hold the political and economic power.

In the document they emphasize that previous election practices are still being used which puts at risk the rights of voters. If authorities plan to commit fraud, they will have to answer to our movement and our resistance. We will do it in a peaceful non-violent manner, but with the firm determination to repeal any intent to disregard the popular will.

Finally, the signers of the announcement organized an Assembly for Peace and Electoral Legality, that will take place this Saturday at 9:00 hours in the University Obera of Mexico (San Ildefonso 72, Centro Histórico), and will meet the 14th of July – in a site to be determined – to evaluate the electoral process and agree upon respective actions.

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