Jun 20, 2012

TEPJF and IFE reject the possibility of electoral fraud

El Universal: Americas Program Original Translation
The Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) signed an agreement to share information related to challenges facing the 2012 federal electoral process, to improve its production. 

The electoral authorities are "level-headed" and are responsible for working with commitment to the law, assured the president of the Federal Electoral Institute, Leonardo Valdés.

“In the campaigns you feel the heat,” indicated Valdés Zurita in an interview after the signing of the collaboration agreement between the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary and the Institute.

Leonardo Valdés and the president of the tribunal, Alejandro Luna Ramos, rejected the possibility that fraud could occur in the electoral process.
“I believe that there is no capacity for fraud,” said Luna Ramos.

The agreement signed by both institutions will allow for sharing information regarding challenges facing the 2012 federal electoral process and speed up its production.

“It does not matter to the IFE nor the tribunal who is the resulting winner. Our only motive is that the election results in accordance with the law,” said Valdés Zurita.

He reiterated that there is no greater legitimacy for a democratic government than that obtained through the vote.

“For this reason, respecting the verdict of the ballot box is a constitutional obligation,” emphasized Valdés.

Luna Ramos stated that the TEPJF will carry out its constitutional mandate in the moment of determining the presidential election and resolving election related challenges.

“Today more than ever no one doubts that Mexicans can go to the polls, with the security that the tribunal will have to protect them,” he indicated. 
Translation by Bonnie Ho, Americas Program 

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