Jun 29, 2012

Violence Targets Women In Mexico, Central America

The Center for International Policy's own director of the Americas Project, Laura Carlsen, speaks to NPR about the report for the Nobel Women's Initiative: From Survivors to Defenders: Women confronting violence in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. 

NPR: Violence against women in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala has reached crisis proportions, according to a report by the Nobel Women's Initiative. The group's delegation spent ten days documenting homicides, disappearances, and attacks of sexual violence. Laura Carlsen wrote the report and discusses the findings with guest host Viviana Hurtado.

VIVIANA HURTADO, HOST: Now we turn our attention to a growing problem in Mexico and Central America - violence against women. It's a situation that's become a crisis in the last decade. For example, in Guatemala the number of women murdered each year has more than tripled since 2000.

The Nobel Women's Initiative, which was founded by the female Nobel Peace Prize winners, is shining a bright light on this violence and its victims. The group has also just released a report, "From Survivors to Defenders: Women Confronting Violence in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala." I'm joined by the author of the report, Laura Carlsen. She's the director of the Americas Project for the Center for International Policy based in Mexico City. Read more

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